Public Engagement Study 

Team members from the University of New Mexico Design and Planning Assistance Center (DPAC) are working on public engagement through a contract with the City of Santa Fe.

The City of Santa Fe has hired the University of New Mexico’s Design and Planning Assistance Center (DPAC) to support a new round of public engagement for the Midtown redevelopment project. This work will happen independently of the City and their decisions regarding future work with developers or the Requests for Expressions of Interest (RFEI)process. 


As part of their work plan, DPAC will host a grant program to invest in ongoing community work that will help inform the development and City of Santa Fe policy related to Midtown. 



We recognize that there have previous engagement efforts and in this new iteration of engagement, our goals are to:

  •  Identify promising practices for equitable public engagement and development for Midtown site

  • Develop a clear understanding of issues for community development recommendations to address

  • Draft and finalize a Midtown  Public Policy Objectives Plan that is community-driven, as per the requirements in our work plan. 


We are committed to: 

  • Transparency through regular, ongoing, accessible, and factual communication and engagement, information sharing, input and feedback loops, as well as articulating and managing real and perceived conflicts of interest. 

  • Co-creation of the engagement efforts that facilitate co-ownership of the process and its implementation between the DPAC team and engagement partners, as well as other stakeholders and community partners. 

  • Collaboration with and between community stakeholders through various forms of acknowledgment and compensation for efforts in the public engagement process, such as with stipends, supporting related activities of local organizations, and welcoming Midtown Activation Program (MAP) grantees as Midtown Engagement Partners and key stakeholders to co-create the principles and methods for meaningful and inclusive public engagement, as well as a meaningful and inclusive develop plan.  

  • Inclusive, user-friendly, and culturally accessible engagement and communication opportunities, materials, and information (written and verbal) to facilitate participation and awareness by, among and with a broad spectrum of Santa Fe communities, with a commitment to facilitating opportunities for community members that are often underrepresented in making public policy for the planning and development of Santa Fe neighborhoods. 

  • Accountable and influential outcomes from the public engagement process that documents and respects the participation and collaboration of the public with the DPAC Team, Midtown Engagement Partners, and the City that will be used to inform the disposition and development of Midtown. An implementation oriented approach that considers desirability, viability, and feasibility