Culture Connects Midtown Project 

A Working Bibliography on Santa Fe

As a part of the Culture Connects Midtown Project, the focus of this working bibliography is on Santa Fe, as a place, its people, events and its layers of stories.  


I. Books, Articles, Dissertations, and Manuscripts


While this section includes books, articles, dissertation and manuscripts, it also includes chapters of books focused on Santa Fe.


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II. Films and Websites


Burdeau, George (Producer), & Diane Reyna (Director). 1992. Surviving Columbus: The Story of The Pueblo People. 


This award winning documentary explores the Pueblo People’s 450-year struggle to preserve their culture, land, and religion despite European contact. The program uses stories from Pueblo elders, interviews with Pueblo scholars and leaders, archival photographs and historical accounts to tell a full and complex account of the history and resilience of the Pueblo people of New Mexico.


DeBouzek, Jeanette and Diane Reyna, Gathering Up Again: Fiesta in Santa Fe, 1992. 


This film stumbles upon the secret of any ritual; that is, because ritual reconciles oppositions that are inherently irreconcilable, it always risks evoking expressions of hostility, anger or grief. Here, unwittingly, the camera focuses on the Native American who has accepted the role of Cacique Domingo in a pageant reenacting the "peaceful reconquest" of Santa Fe by Spaniards in 1692. Offended by the caricature of Plains Indians costumes and war paints donned by Hispanics and Anglos in the pageant, tears run down the face of the "chief" as the insensitivity to the role of Pueblo Indians in the historical representation is revealed to him.


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