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The City of Santa Fe is supporting the efforts of local community and civic organizations to facilitate learning and input into the redevelopment of the Midtown District. To that end, the City procured The Design and Planning Assistance Center (DPAC) at the University of New Mexico School of Architecture and Planning to bring both an academic analytic policy approach aligned with a commitment to community development to manage a robust public engagement effort.


...the city will continue to seek public input and conduct outreach in the Planning Stage to augment the outreach conducted in the Concept Phase to better reach people and communities who are underrepresented in the Concept Phase research results, and attempt to reflect the demographic makeup and needs of the city’s residents, communities and neighborhoods...Resolution 2018-54


To directly address this objective, the City and DPAC agreed to test a promising public engagement approach, which was to collaborate with local community organizations, as stated in the Resolution, to co-create and implement a robust, inclusive, and fun public engagement process. Read more about this process and our approach at



The Midtown Activation Program (MAP) is a small stipend program that serves a primary goal of the public  engagement effort : To develop, support and implement an inclusive Public  Engagement Program, co-created with and reaching a range of organizations, individuals, and interests representative of the communities impacted by the development of the Midtown Site. Current Midtown Engagement Partners who are engaged in Phase 1 of the MAP include Chainbreaker Collective, Earth Care, Littleglobe, Santa Fe Art Institute and Youthworks. This team is hosting the Phase 2 open call. 



It is the intention to award at least five (5) proposals, with a stipend amount of up to $5,000 for each awarded proposal.  Stipend funds will be provided by the City of Santa Fe.



The Midtown Activation Program (MAP) supports local cultural, social service, arts and advocacy organizations in engaging community members representative of the diverse demographics of Santa Fe and of the neighborhoods surrounding the Midtown District, with the goal to:


  • Support engagement activities and site activations that gather, discuss, imagine, embody, and/ or amplify community voices, ideas, and creative projects related to equitable land use, the challenges, dreams and needs of residents, and the future inhabitation and redevelopment of the Midtown Site;

  • To aid the Midtown City’s public engagement effort in building relationships within Santa Feans and gathering necessary information to inform the development of Midtown - the social and the physical fabric of the Midtown District and surrounding neighborhoods. 

  • To ensure that underrepresented community members are an integral part of the Midtown planning process, with a focus on People of Color, monolingual Spanish speakers, low-income people, residents of neighborhoods surrounding Midtown and youth;

  • To activate Midtown and areas throughout the city. To provide access and opportunities to engage and share by and between residents across the spectrum of perspectives, histories, and means of access, in welcoming and  COVID-safe environments;

  • To work closely with all partners to document and disseminate all gathered information, shared stories, and projects, including experiential and empirical data. All information gathered and documented will be shared with stakeholders and participants, including DPAC and the City, per the principles stated above, at and the City-sponsored website,  

  • Information will be assembled in a report developed by DPAC and the MEPs, in collaboration with, and submitted to, the City to inform land use and community development plans for the Midtown District. The City is committed to using the information to create a Sustainable Community Development Plan that captures the requirements, priorities, preferences for the development, stewardship, and management of the Midtown Site based on the public engagement effort.


  • Eligible entities include any organizations with an Employer Identification Number (EIN), and who are an approved City vendor, or, who have a partner agency who can act as their fiscal agent. 

  • If you do not currently have a vendor license, this can be accomplished online through MUNIS. The initial and annual fee for registering your business with the City is $35.

  • All proposals must include a primary contact and contact information.

  • Collaborations and teams are acceptable, as long as there is one primary organization that meets the eligibility above. Individuals, collectives, or other groups who do not meet the above criteria are not eligible for Phase 2, unless they are under the primary organization.



  • Proposals must include at least one creative engagement activity and/or site activation that serves to gather, discuss, imagine, embody, and/ or amplify community voices and ideas, with a specific focus on underserved/ underrepresented community members listed above. 

  • Engagement activities and/or site activations must relate to the 5 pillars in the Residents’ Bill of Rights and specific to the future of the Midtown Site. The Five Pillars are: a) Affordability; b) Quality, Sustainability, and Health; c) Accessibility, Fairness, and Equity; d) Stability, Permanence, and Protection from Displacement; e) Community Control (City of Santa Fe : Resolution No.2015-65). These five pillars (and your proposal should) relate to development issues, including housing affordability, gentrification and displacement, as well as transportation and connectivity, land use, public space and open space, economic development, education, and  workforce training.

  • Projects may be digital or in-person. All proposals for in-person activities must adhere to COVID-19 safe protocols and practices, as well as ADA accessibility. 

  • Proposals for in-person activities on the Midtown Property will be facilitated by the Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI), a member of the MEP/DPAC team, and will be limited to October 23-24 during the Midtown Block Party. Approved Midtown Property projects will receive additional support such as PPE, wayfinding signage, collective marketing and outreach, and site permissions.

  • Projects must describe the intended audience and number of community participants, methods of outreach, potential barriers to participation, and how you propose to address those barriers.

  • Awarded project teams will work with the DPAC Team to agree upon mutually beneficial and equitable methods of project documentation and information gathering.

  • Awarded stipends must cover all project costs, including labor, special permits, materials, supplies, video and photo documentation, food, interpretation/ translation services, marketing/ outreach, and signage. Proposals for in-person activities at the Midtown Property on October 23-24 will receive additional support as noted above. 

  • Projects will be sponsored by the City of Santa Fe, and recipients will complete the Sponsorship Form

  • Projects and corresponding documentation must be completed and submitted by November 30, 2021. Awarded proposal teams will be required to participate in a kick off meeting in October 2021, as well as a final convening in December 2021. 



September 9: Launch event and questions answered 

September 10: Launch event recording available at 

September 29: Proposals due at 11:59 PM MT

October 4: Announce MAP Phase 2 Stipend Awards

October 7: Mandatory start-up meeting for awarded project teams . Optional sessions offering support in your process of activity design and implementation will also be scheduled for the weeks following 

November 30: Completion of all MAP Phase 2 activities and documentation submitted to DPAC

December 2021: Participate in convening to confirm recommendations with MEP and DPAC. 



The Selection Team is composed of representatives from the City of Santa Fe, UNM DPAC and the Midtown Engagement Partners (MEPs): Chainbreaker Collective, Earth Care, Littleglobe, Santa Fe Art Institute and Youthworks.


Each Phase 2 proposal will be evaluated on the following criteria, totaling 100 points, maximum:

1. Alignment of proposal with project goals (25 pts): See goals above.

2. Feasibility/ Readiness of proposal (25 pts): Does your organization have an existing and positive relationship with the intended audiences/ participants ? Can your project be completed within the required time frames? Do you have the necessary funding, capacity, and project team to complete the project?

3. Creativity (20 pts): How will you creatively engage participants and ensure adequate representation? How will this be an interesting and engaging activity for your intended audience? How will you elicit feedback about the Midtown Site with methods that go beyond traditional outreach methods?

4. Merit and Impact (25 pts): Does your proposal actively engage underrepresented community members? Who are those community members and your intended audience? How can you best address barriers to participation? Does your project team represent/ reflect the community members you intend to serve?

5. Location preference – Midtown Property (5 pts): We seek at least some proposals designed to activate space on the Midtown Property during the Midtown Community Fair October 23-24. (All Midtown Property proposals must be temporary and leave no permanent alteration to the site.)



  • Any questions regarding this proposal should be submitted to in advance of the deadline. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

  •  Awarded project teams may be required to submit additional paperwork to demonstrate their eligibility.

  •  A City of Santa Fe sponsorship form must be signed by all awarded project teams prior to initiation of work and distribution of funds. 



Please provide the following information via the online application here. All applications must be signed by a person authorized by your organization to commit and execute the proposed activities. If this is not an executive director or board member, please include a statement of the person’s role and authority to commit and execute the work. Submit no later than 11:59pm MT, September 29, 2021. 


1. Name of Applicant (Organization):

2. Provide type of organization (501c3, LLC, etc):

3. Contact Name, Email, Phone Number, Address

4. Organization’s Mission 

5. EIN

6. Project Description:

  • What is the project title (if applicable)

  • Is this an existing project or new?

  • How does this meet the MAP goals, as stated above?

  • Who do you intend to reach with this project? How are they currently underrepresented? Does your organization have an existing and positive relationship with the targeted audiences/ participants, and if so, describe?

  • In what ways does the leadership of your organization reflect the target audiences?

  • How will you creatively engage participants and ensure adequate representation? How will this be an interesting and engaging activity for your intended audience? How will you creatively elicit feedback about the Midtown Site?

7. How many participants do you anticipate?

8. Do you anticipate any barriers to participation, and if so, how do you propose to address or mitigate those barriers?

9. Feasibility: Can your project be completed within the required time frames? Do you have the necessary funding, capacity, and project team to complete the project?

10. Project Team: Please list key members of your project team. Note any relevant experience or skills with this type of project, and how they reflect or represent the community participants.

11. Specifically discuss methods for how you intend to gather and amplify information through this project.

12. Which of the Five Pillars from the Residents’ Bill of Rights align with your proposal, and how? You are welcome to address alignment with more than one pillar, if applicable. 

13.  Provide a budget including all estimated costs. If your budget exceeds stipend funding, describe how the funding gap will be addressed. Describe any in-kind contributions.

14. What is the proposed project date? (Provide a window of dates if not yet finalized.)