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The Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI), with support from Vital Spaces, presents Re-Centering Santa Fe: Social Structures, a temporary outdoor exhibition of freestanding installations and digital art pieces that address the themes of interconnectivity, empathy, and care. These themes reflect the social values that undergird COVID Safe Practices like wearing a face covering or mask in public spaces; maintaining a 6-foot distance from others; avoiding gatherings; protecting vulnerable populations by finding ways to connect without face-to-face contact; staying home; and frequent handwashing.




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In Santa Fe, as in many cities, the most public versions of history are made visible in monuments that reinforce conquest and colonization. Those, it seems, are the only stories worth knowing and celebrating. But whose voices are being left out? And what stories are being erased?
Featuring writer Dr. Alicia Inez Guzmán, and SFAI Story Maps Fellows Diego Medina and Christian Gering, this 9-part podcast unsettles what we think we know about Santa Fe and New Mexico’s past to help envision a more just future.
In Parts 1,2, and 3 of Unsettled Series, Axis Mundi, Santa Fe reckons with one monument and the moments leading to its downfall, with Heidi Brandow, Alma Castro, Darryl Wellington and Virgil Vigil.

At the Heart of Oga Po'geh 


In response to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s most recent public health order limiting mass gatherings to five people, as well as recent events at the Santa Fe Plaza that demonstrate the need for reconciliation and healing, SFAI is altering our first Re-Centering Santa Fe event on October 24: At the Heart of Oga Po’geh.

This was originally intended to be a public mural painting event and will now become a series of activations that visualize the deep querencia of Santa Fe.

From now through Thanksgiving, as we reflect on what an equitable city and Midtown can be, SFAI’s 2020 Story Maps Fellows Diego Medina and Christian Gering will stage a series of private mural painting gatherings as spaces for deepening needed dialogues with our city’s youth, artists, social justice advocates, and Indigenous-led organizations about the past, present, and future of Oga Po’geh.

The completion of the mural in late November will culminate in the release of a podcast series on the theme of truth and reconciliation and next steps for our community.

Re-Centering Santa Fe is presented by the Culture Connects Midtown Project.


We will reach out to invite anyone who has already registered for the event to participate in these private gatherings. We will also invite the public to view these conversations and the progression of our on-site mural through video documentation and social media.

Presented by the Culture Connects Midtown Project

At the Heart of Oga Po'geh is the first in a series of safe monthly on-site gatherings embodying the spirit of Midtown, amplifying community voices, and helping to create a vibrant and equitable city center. 


Join SFAI 2020 Story Maps Fellows Diego Medina and Christian Gering as they paint a mural based on illustrations from their new coloring book, Acknowledging Oga Po’geh.